Location Guidance

Skye landscape photography

This is the ideal service for accomplished photographers who want to be led to the best locations at the best times of the day to ensure they get the best shots during their limited time on the island. These trips may be led by any one of our team, all of whom know Skye’s secrets, as well as the best viewpoints of the more iconic locations. We go at the customer’s pace, but no tuition is offered as standard, but of course we will always answer any questions or lend a helping hand if needed. Locations are chosen to account for fitness, weather conditions and customer interests. A full day usually consists of two 4 hour trips, around sunrise and sunset, but times may vary depending on the weather and time of year.

Price of £220/£130 is a total cost for up to 2 people. Please add £25 per person for more than 2 people (max 6). A £50 deposit per day is required to place a booking. In rare situations where the weather is too bad for the trip to go ahead, a full refund of deposit will be offered if an alternative day cannot be scheduled.

Please contact us for more information or to make a booking.

“Thanks so much Marcus for an incredible experience and the opportunity to photograph some amazing landscapes with you. Your expertise, tips and guidance were invaluable and carrying my bag up the cliff was a godsend!! We have some very wonderful memories, stories, and photos to go along with our very stiff tired and aching muscles. Thanks so much!!!!”

Ron from Canada (July 2014)

“We wanted to thank you for your total professionalism when we were exploring the Quiraing last week. We thought we knew the place from our previous visits, but you showed us a whole new side we never knew existed. It was great to see it from a local’s viewpoint far away from the tourists.”

Anne and Michael from London (May 2014)