Holiday Photography - 10 top tips

Holiday photography

Photography is not all about taking amazing images which are good enough to be hung on a wall or entered into competitions. I’m often asked what my favourite photo I have ever taken is, but this is as difficult as someone asking for your favourite song - there are likely to be many answers depending on the mood and situation at the time. If the question was “If you had to delete every photo you had ever taken except for one, which one would you keep?”, then the answer would be simple - I would keep one of my kids.

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Mastering Depth of Field - Part 2 of 3

Depth of field Isle of skye

Welcome to Part 2 of my depth of field tutorial. In Part 1 we looked at circles of confusion and how the size of the aperture influences these. We also learnt that essentially there really isn’t such a thing as depth of field, as only objects on a single plane can ever be truly sharp. Depth of field is really just an individual perception which changes depending on the enlargement of the image and the distance it is viewed from - something no depth of field chart or app will ever take into account.

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Lighting up the landscape

Astro photography Delicate Arch 

What could be better than capturing a photo with a trillion stars above one of our own planet’s epic landscapes? Astro photography can be a tricky genre to tackle, not least because it involves getting up in the middle of the night. Having just returned from one of the best astro photography locations in the world, I thought I would share a few tips and techniques for anyone wanting to give it a go.

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Love is in the Air

Eagle Photography Workshop 4

By Harry Martin

High winds and heavy rain; the tail end of Storm Doris. Not the ideal weather forecast you want to see when you’re planning an eagle photography workshop. A glimmer of hope started to present itself however, and with some enthusiastic customers in the form of Paul & Mike, we agreed it was worthy of our effort to get out onto one of Skye’s beautiful ridge lines in search of Scotland’s most iconic bird of prey - the golden eagle. 

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Our Skye workshops are the best way to photograph the island whilst improving your skills along the way.
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