Last Man on the Moon

 MC 0148

Eugene Cernan was a remarkable man, but you don’t need me to tell you that. While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became household names, Gene Cernan is generally known only to those with an active interest in Space exploration. I certainly wasn’t aware of him until a chance encounter occurred in 1999, which to say changed my life would be an exaggeration, but it certainly influenced it greatly.

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Meet the Family

 Canon 5D series

I’ve only ever used one range of digital camera - the Canon 5D series. Before this, I shot exclusively on medium format film, and it was only with the release of the 5D mark II when I finally decided to jump on the digital band wagon and hold on tight for the journey ahead. It’s accurate to say that I have never looked back, and since then I have kept in the 5D family - probably the most successful series of digital cameras ever made.

I thought it may be useful to take a look at each one to find out its merits and shortcomings, as each of them still have a place in any serious photographer’s arsenal.

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Duntulm Castle - ruins, ghosts and the aurora

Aurora Duntulm Castle Skye Northern Lights

Photos & words by Harry Martin

All over Scotland there are tales of faeries, daemons, kelpies and monsters, and the Isle of Skye is no exception. With place names such as the Faerie Bridge, Pools & Glen, it’s little surprise that superstition has played a big part in the islands culture. One place in particular has more than its fair share of stories; Duntulm Castle, in the north of the Trotternish Peninsula.

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A New Year's Resolution

Skye photo workshop Quiraing

The beginning of a new year is always the perfect launch pad for us to make improvements to our lives. Whilst others will be dieting or giving up alcohol/smoking,  I’ve set myself a very easy-to-achieve task for 2016. When I recently sat down and looked through my work diary for 2015, I noticed how few days I’d had available to do my own photography. Most days I was out showing customers how to improve their camera skills in the best photo locations on Skye. When I do this, my focus is on the customer, not on taking my own photos. I also spent a long time off of Skye, on a combination of commercial assignments and hosting overseas photo holidays for Worldwide Explorers. Finally add in to the mix all the days I need to do admin work - organising bookings, printing calendars, postcards and photos, and planning for trips etc, and I had not more than 2 days over the entire year when I went off by myself to take my own photos. This simply isn’t good enough, so next year this will have to change.

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