2015 looks like being a busy year here at Marcus McAdam Photography.  Firstly I have a couple of new members to the team including Nicola Boulton who’s been working on and around Skye for the past few years.  Her primary interest is the natural world, so she’s most at home when out in the hills and hiking along the coast spotting wildlife.  She’s an experienced photographer too, and on the few times I sent her out with customers last year, she got glowing appraisal.  She’s either very good with people, or she bribes everyone to feed back positive comments - either way, you’ll benefit from time with her!

Nicola Boulton


After last year’s successful trip to St. Kilda, this year sees two more trips to what is easily the UK’s most dramatic location for landscapes, and probably the best for sea birds too.  Last year we spent 3 nights on the island under canvas and were fortunate with the weather, as we timed out visit with the 3 warmest days of the year.  I spent weeks in the run up to the trip to make sure everyone brought wet weather clothing, but in reality all they really needed was a large tube of suncream.  This year's trips have been extended to 4 nights, and I have secured accommodation in a couple of the remaining old village houses.  This will be a unique experience which will really give everyone an idea of how life was before the most isolated community in the UK abandoned their village in the 1930’s.

The Village, St. Kilda.

Another trip which I’ll be hosting later in the year is a 10 day photo holiday to China. I lived in China for 5 years so I know it better than most, and I’ll be taking a small group of photographers to some very special places which are well off the beaten tourist track.  This trip is about experiencing the authentic China as opposed to the one you would typically see as a regular tourist.  We’ll be eating in local restaurants, meeting real people in real communities (as opposed to people trying to make money from foreigners) which will give a great opportunity to get some organic travel images.  Locations include Beijing, the Great Wall, and Zhangjiajie - China’s oldest national park.  This will be the first of a new brand of World Wide Workshops, offering photographers unique, once in a lifetime experiences.  Future trips in the planning include a solar eclipse in Yellowstone National Park, Patagonia, the Ethiopian Highlands, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and Indonesia.  If any of these sound tempting, then you can register your email address here to get all the details when they become available.

In April this year I’ll be off to Yellowstone National Park for 10 days in order to prepare for the 2017 trip.  I’ve spent a lot of time in the US before, and have visited over 30 states in previous trips, but Yellowstone has somehow eluded me.  So I need to familiarise myself with the area and work out where to stay and the logistics of transport etc.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

I now have a new print purchasing system which makes buying one of my images a lot simpler.  Most of the images in my gallery are now available in 4 standard sizes, and come with framing options which allow you to see exactly how the print will appear before you buy it.  It’s really quite clever, so have a look here.

Also new for this year is our photographer’s accommodation in Elgol. The house is situated in the perfect location, with views to make any photographer weep with excitement. Single and double rooms are available, on a self catering or catered basis.  If you’re visiting Skye and want to ensure you never miss the light, then staying here will guarantee you’re always on location for when the clouds part and bathe the Cuillin Hills in golden light.

You can now access all my “behind the lens” videos via the Youtube link which appears on every page.  This year I plan to shoot a few short tutorial videos which I’ll be posting on the same page.

This new website features a new Blog section, of which this is the first entry.  From now on, myself or one of the team will be updating it every week or so to let you know the latest news and what we've been up to. If you want to be alerted to these simply register your email address on the link above.

On top of all this, I’ll be continuing my 1-to-1 Skye workshops and other services which are in great demand, so please book early to avoid disappointment.  See the full list of what’s on offer here.

If you’re heading to Skye this year but don’t have all the equipment you would like, then check out my list of hire gear available for pick up from Portree or from the north of the island.  You might want a lovely Canon 500mm f4 L IS lens to photograph eagles, otters, or whales.  Or you might want to try out a new camera body before deciding whether to make a purchase.

Lastly, I wish everyone a belated happy 2015 and hope to see you either on Skye or further afield.


Our Skye workshops are the best way to photograph the island whilst improving your skills along the way.
We are the only company with permission to work on St. Kilda - the UK’s only double World Heritage site.
We also host overseas photo holidays to the world’s most amazing places.
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