Making Money from Photography

Money from Photography
This photo has been sold many times over the years, appearing on magazine covers and posters.

Many people mistakenly think the photography industry is about photography. The photography industry is, however, about business. The actual photography plays second fiddle in an orchestra which is becoming increasingly large, out of sync and unrehearsed. You can use this disorder to your advantage though, as it makes it easier to step aside from the cacophony and seek more focused attention away from centre stage.

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Mountain Photography

MMC 1892

Mountains are a major attraction for photographers. We usually tend to shoot them from below, using their profile against the sky as the appeal of the image, but shooting from the top often provides a much more dramatic image.

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Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 Art lens on test

Pic 00

Sigma have recently released a brand new 14-24mm f/2.8 lens to their Art series of professional grade optics. When I saw this announcement I was a little surprised as their existing 12-24mm f/4 Art is only a couple of years old, and this new lens seems to compete with the existing one. Okay, so the older lens has 2mm more range on the wider end, and the new lens has an extra stop of aperture range, but other than that, they seem to be pretty much the same on paper. The only other thing which caught my eye was the claim that the new 14-24mm boasted “zero distortion”.

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Building a Picture of Light

Marcus McAdam Skye Light

In 2016 we started keeping a diary of the quality of light here on Skye. The purpose is to build up a picture over a few years to see what time of year typically has the best conditions for photography. 

It’s not difficult to know when the best weather of the year is, but good weather and good light for photography are rarely the same same thing. Clear blue skies and sunshine is great to be outdoors in, but pretty useless for photography, so the two are completely different. As far as we are aware, a diary of light hasn’t been done before on Skye, so this project will hopefully shed some light (see what we did there?!) on any patterns which emerge.

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Chasing Rainbows

By Marcus McAdam

Rainbow Photography 2

As a photographer, I usually spend most of my time avoiding having the Sun behind me. If it is, then the camera ends up looking at the subject from the same angle as it’s being illuminated from, and this results in a very flat light with few or no shadows. If you ever want to capture a really bland and emotionless image, then just position the Sun behind you and voila!

There is however one exception to this rule - rainbows. Rainbows only ever appear directly opposite the Sun. In fact, the centre of any rainbow is exactly 180 degrees to the Sun. This does however make them easy to predict, as we know exactly where they are going to appear (given the right conditions of course), so we can position ourselves suitably and simply wait. Although the light on our subject is now going to be flat, hopefully the rainbow will be vibrant enough to steal the show, and become the main focal point of the image.

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