Harry Martin

Marcus McAdam Photography Harry MartinA born and bred Scot, Harry is our expert wildlife photographer with a passion for his subjects. As a zoologist and a conservationist, he’ll not only be able to help you improve your camera skills when shooting the wildlife of Skye, but will also be able to tell you about its behaviour, habitat and ecology.

“Over the years I’ve spent in the wilderness of the Highlands, I’ve learnt that you can’t really successfully photograph a wildlife subject without truly understanding its personality and character. You need to be able to predict your subject’s movements rather than react to them, and this is where studying each species in detail really pays off.  Great wildlife photography is not just about taking sharp, well exposed shots of wild animals.  It is just as important to place them in their natural environment in order to tell a story with each and every image.”

Harry is a self described “birder”, but with his legitimate bachelor status, there is confusion within the rest of the team as to what he means by this!


Our Skye workshops are the best way to photograph the island whilst improving your skills along the way.
We are the only company with permission to work on St. Kilda - the UK’s only double World Heritage site.
We also host overseas photo holidays to the world’s most amazing places.
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