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Photography Workshops

The Isle of Skye & Beyond . . .

The Isle of Skye is one of the most iconic locations in the world for photography, attracting people from all corners of the planet with its amazing diversity of landscapes and subjects to shoot. My name is Marcus McAdam, and I offer the highest class of photography services on the island. I am not based here by chance, I choose to live here because I believe it to be the best place for landscape and wildlife photography anywhere in the UK. We have majestic mountain peaks, raging waterfalls, dramatic coastlines, unique volcanic rock formations, natural woodland, beaches, lighthouses, and ancient castles. For wildlife lovers we have sea eagles, golden eagles, whales, dolphins, otters, red deer, and incredibly hairy cows! When you consider all of this is within the boundaries of an island which can be explored in a day, you start to see the appeal.

Marcus McAdam Photography Isle Of Skye

I choose only the most talented (and pleasant) people to work on my team, and together we cater for all levels of photographers, ranges of interests, and abilities of fitness. Whatever subject you want to photograph, either from the summit of a mountain or from a parked car on the roadside, we offer highly professional services to ensure you get the most from your time with us. We also appreciate that photography should be fun, so on top of improving your knowledge and showing you how to capture images you’ll be proud of, we’ll make sure you do it with a smile on your face and a skip in your step. Please take a moment to browse our wide range of services, and contact us with any questions or to make a booking. We look forward to seeing you either on Skye or one of our overseas trips in the future.

Meet the Team

  • Marcus McAdam
  • Harry Martin
  • Nick Hanson
  • Nicola Boulton
Marcus McAdam

Marcus McAdam has been a professional photographer for the past twelve years. He started his career after winning the Practical Photography Photographer of the Year Award, and since then hasn’t looked back. He’s travelled to over fifty countries on photographic assignments for the likes of Microsoft, Panasonic and Caffe Nero. Marcus also works with companies such as English Heritage and Visit Britain, who recognise his talents as one of the UK’s top landscape photographers.

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Harry Martin

Over the years I’ve spent in the wilderness of the Highlands, I’ve learnt that you can’t really successfully photograph a wildlife subject without truly understanding its personality and character. You need to be able to predict your subject’s movements rather than react to them, and this is where studying each species in detail really pays off. Great wildlife photography is not just about taking sharp, well exposed shots of wild animals. It is just as important to place them in their natural environment in order to tell a story with each and every image.

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Nick Hanson

I love the constant changing light here, and the diversity in the subjects which are available. To think that this amazing landscape is also my office makes me feel very privileged each time I go to work. Even when I am not out with customers, you'll find me in the hills or on the coast taking my own shots.

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Nicola Boulton

Although I love my wildlife, I get just as excited about other forms of nature, be it flora, fossils, or geology. For this reason I love being out in the landscape where nature excites all my senses. I love decoding the stories the land has to tell, and love showing others too. When it comes to photography, I am comfortable in any environment and with any subject as long as it’s natural. From sweeping wide angle landscapes to telephoto bird shots, even true 1:1 macro work, I never cease to be enthused by how the camera can capture that special moment in time.

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Our Skye workshops are the best way to photograph the island whilst improving your skills along the way.
We are the only company with permission to work on St. Kilda - the UK’s only double World Heritage site.
We also host overseas photo holidays to the world’s most amazing places.
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